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Jarden was an American consumer products company. Formed by the spin out of Ball Corporation's canning business, the company became a wider conglomerate of consumer brands, particularly in the outdoors and home appliances market. Jarden was acquired in 2016 by Newell Rubbermaid, which renamed itself Newell Brands.


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Plant Worker (Current Employee) says

"Sales base company top management has a sales background could care less about any other departments very aloof Top management he has zero people skillsLocation. Love the countryTW is aloof and unreachable, He only cares about himself, and reaching numbers no mater how he does it so he looks good"

Production Machine Operator/Assembly Line (Former Employee) says

"People were so rude here training was awful they seemed mad to train new people i was happy to find a new job but i loved all the overtime..They did not show you respect or proper training but it paid my bills at the time"

No longer there. I was a slave!! Horrible people! (Former Employee) says

"The people here not only lie. But are absolutely horrible people! I have never seen so much garbage! Drama! Over cleaning. Noone is on the same page and the supervisor uses people to gain her info. The people in the office of Jarden that they are contracted with have nothing better to do than sit on thier cans and complain about everything. For 20$ a day ya all can go you know what!!. Do not recommend working for eithor comoany!"

Coinage (Former Employee) says

"To many employees spending the majority of there time on their personal cell phones then they are working. Seen a few full time employees horse playing around throwing coins at other employees. Full time operators spraying the temporary helpers with the water hose while working around the acid tanks. Supervisors spending to much time in the office then on the floor."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"You get paid half as much as the other employees while you do their job,managers treat you horribly and cuss at you and blame you for everything even when it isnt your fault. If you like a job that you get cussed at every 5 minutes then this is the place for for you"

Shift Leader (Former Employee) says

"They really need to get it together their they are so desperate for workers they will hire anyone. The machine constantly break or doesn't work well at all.None"

Worker (Former Employee) says

"It's all about how much you brown nose the Plant Manager then how well you do your job. Controller is useless and will be one of the reasons why the Plant closes."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work just hard to get hired on friendly people and fast pace work you get short breaks and short lunches and they work you overtime a lotDay goes by fastShort lunch"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company to work for. The environment is horrible and the management is horrible as well. They work you like slaves and will fire you for anything. I would prefer anyone to look past this job because there is no future in it!They do provide water!Too many to name!"

Accounts Payable Analyst I (Former Employee) says

"This company steadily reduced employee benefits with each buyout, and now have the worst culture of anywhere I've worked. There is no such thing as job security or advancement, and they prefer to get rid of long-time workers to hire college grads for much less. The hardest part of this job was knowing that whatever work I did would be undervalued even while credit would be taken for the work by those above me. Management operates on whim and mood, intentionally keeping relevant information (like what time you'll get off on supposed early days) from employees just to play games. I did learn to write code, and that was a lot of fun, but they continued to pay me as a low-level clerk even while 50% of my time was spent coding. This is a company that would rather hire multiple people to replace one, rather than give the one employee a deserved raise or promotion.you got a paycheckhostility from upper management, contempt for employees"

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Doesn't help really. They tell u what to do once and don't explain everything. They work u like a dog and pay hardly nothing at all.I hated working there.DuscountsEverything else"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Jarden was purchased by Newell Brands. They are a cut-throat company. The days were busy and long, which I do not mind. What I mind is the poor lack of communication by upper management. I am a team player, but with this company you better watch yourself. I would never recommend anyone to work for a company like this.BenefitsManagement"

Extrusion Operator (Current Employee) says

"Equipment in plant is dated and plant has leaks ans hazardous materials around that would make OSHA shut this place down. Plant is not managed properly.dated machines, bad management"

IT analyst (Current Employee) says

"this is the most difficult place to work for I have ever encountered. people are so nice but management is off the chain. they say there will be no lay offs, then bam 25 of your best colleagues, people who have been there for over 15 years are walking out the door. so unstable if you need a job that won't fire you for no really good reason.nice co workersworst exec management ever"

support (Current Employee) says

"Processes and procedures are stuck in the last century. Leadership is stale. Benefits are non-competitive - almost costs to work here when compared to other companies benefitsnothing - its a jobout dated programs, technology, leadership. No energy, no vision"

Warehouse associate (Former Employee) says

"Don't apply unless you're desperately in need of a job. Long days, not a good job if you have a family, management sucks, pay sucks and there's no room for advancement.Ha, ha, I guess free lunch from time to timeManagement, benefits, pay"

Floor associate (Current Employee) says

"This work environment needs a serious overlook by Undercover Boss, I agree with the person who reviewed this before me. The management wants no interaction between coworkers. They want this place to feel like a prison. I am currently trying to find a new job but am working for this company. This company has the worst micromanaging I've ever felt in my life. The only plus to working here is the pay is nice until you max out on raises at 13.85. How they plan to keep a staff and not give raises is beyond me.pay is nice till max out.management, work labor, everything."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Jarden Zinc is the worst managed company I have been associated with in 22 years in industry. The leadership is very much a closed off group with no future vision. Their lack of vision is passed on to managers, supervisors, and employees who have no goals or direction and work more hours than anywhere I've known. There are as many salaried employees on site as hourly leading to inevitable job reduction. I would strongly advise anyone considering employment with Jarden Zinc to politely decline.good location, personable & dedicated hourly workforceno leadership, too many positions, long hours, no recognition"

PRODUCT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Management is bad! Its a culture full of nepotism and favoritism- if you are born into the families with the power structure, or sleeping with a member- your existance is temporary and you are expendable.Good people work there...More bad people work here."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"this is a good job. I love working for this company. personal issues made it to where i missed to many days. Good pay and good job environment. would work here again.overall great job.some employees get wreckless"

Mike says

"After 30 minutes on the phone with customer support, they decided to do nothing to help an obviously faulty grinder. The internal setting is on the finest with the outer setting on the finest, and yet the coffee is still course and won't produce enough pressure. Their solution? "Use the double walled basket". HAH! That thing produces pressure without coffee in it, it's training wheels, so obviously that will move that gauge but it's not good espresso. Doesn't matter that I told them I can use another company's grinder for finer coffee which then produces the right pressure - they still say it's a me problem because he "heard the grinder work perfectly over the phone". Hundreds of dollars for junk..."

Gazebo ElizabethBay says

"Your customer service is beyond pathetic. If I could leave no stars I would. Charged my credit card 7 weeks for a part that is still not delivered. Then there's the wait on the phone to try and chase this up - I was caller 51 and 53 both times I bothered to wait to speak to someone. Shame on you Breville"

Michael Issott says

"Bought a Breville kettle which started to rust, got in touch with Breville, they eventually replaced it, the new one started to rust after less than two months. Got in touch with Breville again and was told it wasn't rust. Outcome no more Breville products for me. Have been a Breville user for many many years."

A says

"Got a brand new Breville toaster oven for a Christmas gift 3 years ago. It worked great for the first while, now if buzzes and the lights flicker and it beeps on its own. Has to always be unplugged after you are done using it or this happens. I got rid of a 10+ year old black and decker toaster oven when I got this. I should have kept it. Breville wanted $170 to service the oven. Why would I pay 170 to get another 3 years (maybe) out of your overpriced hunk of junk when I can buy something for superior for much less? Stay away from anything labeled Breville."